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First Leader Album "What We Do Now" is Out!

Available on Bandcamp, the link is right above!!!

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Taka Nawashiro is a NYC based Jazz Guitarist, Composer and Sound Painter from Saitama, Japan. Since 2019, he’s been one of the official artists for Spanish guitar company for Soulezza Guitars which includes world renowned artists such as Lionel Loueke, John Stowell and so on. In 2017, he entered School of Jazz and Contemporary Music at The New School with scholarship and graduated in 2020 with John Coltrane Award. His first leader album “What We Do Now” is released in December 2020 featuring Ben Allison(Bass), E.J. Strickland(Drums), Milena Casado Fauquet(Flugelhorn) and Judette Elliston(Voice) which was recorded in NYC with so much precautions for Covid-19 pandemic. He’s also very active playing, composing, producing ambient music and collaborating with other types of artists such as dancers and visual artists. 

ジャズギタリスト、サウンドペインター、作曲家。埼玉県所沢市出身。スペインのギターメーカーSoulezza Guitarsの公式アーティスト。ジャズギターをSteve Cardenas氏, Yotam Silberstein氏、作曲をBen Allison氏、Linda Oh氏に師事。2015年にバークリー音楽大学へ奨学金を得て留学、2017年にニュースクール大学へ奨学金を得て転入。在学中には学生代表バンドに選抜され、毎年ニューオリンズにて開催されるJazz Education Networkに出演。2020年にニュースクール大学を卒業、John Coltrane Awardを受賞。2020年12月にはBen Allison(ベース), E.J. Strickland(ドラムス),ゲストにMilena Casado Fauquet(フリューゲルホルン), Judette Elliston(ボイス)を迎えた初のリーダーアルバムをリリースする他、ラジオの主題曲、BGMの作曲とプロデュース、ポップスレコーディング、アンビエント作品制作、他ジャンルのアーティストとのコラボレーション等、その活動は多岐に渡る。

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Greatest Releases

Taka Nawashiro Final.jpg

"What We Do Now"

Released December 25, 2020. Recorded in October 2020 at Bunker Studio in NY while the pandemic was going on because Taka decided to keep something going forward like, composing new songs, having remote sessions, making ambient music, collaborating with other artists remotely, etc… and making this album was one the biggest project he came up with.

Taka Nawashiro(Guitar, Compositions, Arrangements)
Ben Allison(Bass)
E.J. Strickland(Drums)
Milena Casado Fauquet(Flugelhorn)
Judette Elliston(Voice)
Akihiro Nishimura(Mix)
Alex DeTurk(Mastering)


"How We Travel Now"

Released January 5, 2020. This is the album assembling Taka's sound texture tracks which was done during the period of Covid-19 pandemic occurred in 2020. Taka has been working on the sound textures to see various landscapes in his mind so he doesn't need to travel to do that. With the help of his great artist friends, Taka could explore the more beautiful, deep, colorful and sometimes dark landscapes and sound texture.

Taka Nawashiro(Guitar, Sound Texture, Compositions, Mix, Mastering on all the tracks)
Mayu Moris(Artwork, Direction on track 2)
Kana Miyamoto(Flutes, Effects, Compositions on track 3, 4)
Tomoaki Baba(Tenor Saxophone, Sound Design, Mix, Composition on track 6)



Released September 1. 2020DeeperDreamer is an international band formed in NYC, and self titled debut album was recorded at Figure 8 Recording Studio in Brooklyn on January 2020. All tracks except an arrangement of C Jam Blues are composed by original band members and deeply explored and expressed with each one of musical voices from swing to modern free improvisation which brings dynamic sceneries to the listener.

Ariel Bart(Harmonica)
Takahiro Nawashiro(Guitar)
Hanna Inui(Piano)
Vinicius Cajado(Bass)
Rintaro Mikami(Drums)
Pran Bandi(Mix)
John McCaig(Mastering)
Hanna Inui(Artwork)

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